Our Company

Couture Timber Mart: A family business!

During 1977 in Richmond, Mr. Couture decides to found his renovation center. At this time, Gabriel Couture & Fils Ltee is an independent renovation center offering construction materials and hardware as well as fertilizers and animal feed. During this time, Gabriel Couture & Fils Ltee serves the following regions: Sherbrooke, Windsor, Richmond and surroundings.

In 1988, Marcel and Real Couture, sons of Gabriel, take over the business. Since this time, majors changes have been adopt to allow clients from Richmond, Danville, Asbestos, Ulverton, South Durham, Kingsbury, Saint-François Xavier, Windsor, Sherbrooke and Magog to have access to a wide range of construction, renovation, home decor, paint and hardware products.

Today, Gabriel Couture & Fils Ltee Center is linked with Timber Mart and has 3 stores: 2 in Richmond and on in Danville. The 5 men team has now become a 50 men team and all are dedicated to help you realize your projects, from the smallest to the biggest one.


Marcel Couture et Réal Couture